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DIY Fender Tube Reverb Unit by Kepa

Welcome to my diy tube reverb site

The cabinet was made by my friend...he is a carpenter and he has all the equipment so it took only an hour to build such a cabinet.

The Unit

I followed the original schema all the way with some exceptions: If we look the original schematic the rectifier is halfwave but I used fullwave rectifier and a little bit more filtering (el-caps) just to get a little bit "better" DC supply voltage. Also the output transformer is standard Fender Champ style tranny because I want to use 6V6G tube instead of hard to find 6K6.

It's very quiet. The level of hum is very low. First I thought to use DC filament voltage but there wasn't any need to do such a thing. 


I have built several RF frequency and audio tube amps before so mounting the tolex and grill cloth wasn't so difficult at all. With enought patiency it's very easy job to do.

Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or question concerning the reverb unit: